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Do you use any form logging in your software ?

Yes, our software writes detailed logs. Prime Soft Technology advises: All programs will have bugs – this is unfortunate, but true. Programmers have very powerful tools to help remove bugs, but these tools generally only work on the programmers own computer. This is unfortunately no help in solving bugs that happen on the customers’ computer. […]

What languages do you use for the programming

C#, .NET, VB.NET, C . Prime Soft Technology advises: The right language for a project depends on the project requirements. However, Visual Basic 6 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and absolutely should not be used for new projects. Microsoft Access is very popular for workgroup systems, and is effective at this level, but it […]

How many developers you have ?

Ideally, at least 6.. Prime Soft Technology advises: A company with less than 6 developers is likely to have tighter resource constraints than a larger firm. Development projects are often extended beyond their original deadline, and with a smaller company this can often mean that new projects cannot start on time. A smaller firm will […]

How long you have been in this business ?

Ideally, at least three years. More is better, but are they up to date with new technologies?. Prime Soft Technology advises: Obviously, a company that has been in business longer is likely to be more stable than a new start-up. The first three years of any business are the toughest, so look more carefully at […]

Do you have people who will help with your system configuration requirement firewall ?

Yes, we have an in-house systems administrator, who can help with any necessary firewall or other systems configuration.. Prime Soft Technology advises: The IT department in most companies usually has very competent people, but they are often extremely busy, which can result in unnecessary delays during deployment. The skills required to install a new system […]

Who collects requirement from customer? Do they have development experience

A senior manager with development expertise talks to the customer to understand their requirements. Prime Soft Technology advises: Obtaining the correct requirements from the customer is absolutely crucial to the success of any project. Whilst the best salesperson may be trained to do this, our experience is that using a person with development expertise makes […]

Do you have any source code control ?

Yes. All code written by our developers is placed into a central source code control system, which is backed up off-site nightly.. Prime Soft Technology advises: When software is being written by a team, the team members need to share code between each other. A source-code control system makes this easy, and is a very […]

Will your system depend or use third party liabraries or system ?

Yes, but we will ensure that you can buy licences to such systems, and these costs are clear. Prime Soft Technology advises: There are many powerful libraries available to developers, and these do save a lot of time. However, such libraries may be licensed to the developer, not to the end customer, and this either […]

Will your system built on top of any other platform or system ?

No, the system will be all new code built with standard tools and libraries. Prime Soft Technology advises: Some developers try to reduce costs by building systems on top of third-party or in-house ‘platforms’. The problem with such an approach is that it leads to problems with maintenance and licensing. The developer is unlikely to […]

What is your policy on copyright ?

The customer owns all copyright once the project is paid for. If the developer uses internal libraries, a royalty-free, perpetual, transferable licence is granted. Prime Soft Technology advises: If you are paying to have software written, the developer should hand over (assign) all copyrights in the system at the end of the project. A few […]